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Petit Verdot is a red grape that was traditionally reserved as a minor blending grape in the world famous Bordeaux wine blend. However, as the grape has spread to warmer climates, winemakers have realized that Petit Verdot can make intensely bold, fruity-yet-floral, red wines that can and do easily stand on their own. Petit Verdot is a late-ripening grape, and this might be the primary reason why it never really had any sort of resurgence until recently. In France, where it originates, the seasons were too short to fully ripen the tannins found in the seeds and skins. This would lead to a wine with bitter-tasting or “green” flavors and thus, winemakers chose to use it in very small amounts, just to add color to wines. Most red blends from Bordeaux only use about 1–2% Petit Verdot, if any at all. However, as the popularity of the Bordeaux blend spread around the world and into places like Spain, California, and Australia, the grape behaved differently! In cooler climates like in France, Petit Verdot usually offers flavors of dried herbs and tart blueberry or unripe blackberry. In warmer climates like in Spain, Petit Verdot will often have flavors of blueberry sauce, jamminess, and candied violets.

Petit Verdot

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  1. Craneford 'John Zilm' Petit Verdot 2003 (1500ml Magnum)

    86pts – Wine Enthusiast

    "Dense with roasted, grapy fruit on the nose. On the palate, grape & blueberry notes prevail. Somewhat sour, with pronounced acids. Finishes with black pepper." – Wine Enthusiast

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