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Pinot Grigio is not just the zippy mouth-moisturizer you might have assumed. There are actually 3 main types that have some notable differences between them. 

Minerally & Dry Pinot Grigio
This style is most famous from the northern parts of Italy and traverses the foothills of the Alps nearly all the way from Italy through Austria. The mountains are a powerful force on the agriculture, insuring that the grapes keep their high acidity. Expect exceptionally dry whites that pair perfectly with mussels, french fries and hot summer days. This style is the quintessential ‘Pinot Grigio,’ loved for its simplicity, ‘lack of fruit’ and sometimes saline quality.

Regions with cooler climate tend to produce wines in this style including: Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy, Italy

Fruity & Dry Pinot Gris
Winemakers often choose the word Pinot Gris to describe this fruit-driven style of Pinot Gris. You’ll be able to pick out lemon, yellow apple and white peach among the flavors that you smell. This presence of more fruit in the aroma tells us that these wines grew in a more sun-friendly climate. Besides just the fruity aromas, the wines have less intense acidity and more of an ‘oily’ textured mouthfeel. This is because winemakers often add a special bacteria after the alcohol fermentation that ‘eats’ sharp acids and ‘poops out’ smooth acids. This process is called Malolactic Fermentataion — where Malic acid is the harsh acid and lactic acid is the smooth oily one.

Several of the countries that make this style are New World wine regions:

  • Fruili-Venezia Guilia, Sicily, Abruzzo and Tuscany in Italy, Australia nd New Zealand

Pinot Grigio - Gris

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  1. Mr. Mick by Tim Adams Pinot Grigio 2017

    This wine has spritely acidity, green pear aromas & flavours and a crisp yet generous texture, modelled in the classic Italian style with just a touch of fruit sweetness & a punch of flavour!
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  2. Paxton Organic Pinot Gris 2019

    Pinot Gris is increasing in popularity and we believe it’s a variety well suited to one of McLaren Vale’s coolest sites – Paxton’s Thomas Block. The Paxton Pinot Gris is a crisp and fresh style that also captures the interesting characters and essence of the variety.

    The 2019 vintage is the twelfth release of this single-vineyard wine and displays fruit freshness and structure highlighting the suitability of this site for the production of premium white varieties.

    A delicious Pinot Gris from one of Australia's most respected wine growers - David Paxton. Paxton's organic wines are produced on Biodynamic principles without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides with a focus on promoting healthy, living soils.

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  3. Harwood Hall Pinot Gris 2018

    3.5 stars - Michael Cooper "The 2014 was blended from Awatere Valley and Rarangi fruit, & mostly handled in tanks; 10% was barrel fermented. Its a fleshy, full bodied style with very good depth of lemon, apple & pear flavours, balanced acidity, & a dryish, slightly nutty finish. Enjoyable..."- Michael Cooper -'Buyer's Guide to New Zealand Wines'
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  4. Tar & Roses Pinot Grigio 2016

    90pts by James Halliday 2012! Sometimes pinot grigio can be a little devoid of personality, but this one seems to have everything in place. Typical aromas of green pears, almonds and citrus float out of the glass, whilst the palate is lighter to medium-bodied, crisp and clean, with pear and citrus flavours, a talcy texture, and a long, dry, slightly savoury finish. Excellent with Asian-inspired or light chicken dishes.
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  5. Bocelli Family Wines Pinot Grigio 2018

    Bocelli Family Wines Pinot Grigio 2018
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  6. Bellvale Pinot Grigio 2018

    Bellvale Pinot Grigio 2018

    90pts - James Halliday

    The (very) cool South Gippsland area is not as known for Pinot Grigio (also called Pinot Gris) as it is for Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, yet this local expression is a stellar example of what can be achieved with juicy Grigio grapes & some old-fashioned love, care & attention to detail. The Bellvale Winery succeeds in marrying the acidity & roundness of the traditional Italian style with refreshing, harmonious notes of stone fruit & pear. This is a subtle and aromatic white wine, smoothly textured with a delicate, clean mouth feel.

    "Three clones, cool fermented, aged for 4 months on stirred lees, some in used oak barrels. The result is a wine with freshness its raison d'etre, the oak an input to texture, not flavour. Nashi pear & apple fill the palate nicely before acidity trims the finish." - James Halliday

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  7. Felton Road Vin Gris 2016

    Felton Road Vin Gris 2016
    7 available
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